Nathan Zabaldo wrote:
> Paul J Stevens wrote:
>>Sure: shared public folders.
>>Setup the acl so anyone can write to these boxes, but only a single
>>dedicated user can read/update them. Use this dedicated user in your
>>fetchmailrc to read the mailboxes and dump them to sa-learn.
> Okay, I have fetchmail all setup.  I've setup a mailbox named "Spam" that
> anyone can dump mail to, but only one user can administer, read, etc.
> That's all working perfectly.
> One last point of clarification and I think it's done.  In squirrelmail
> users can subscribe to the new "Spam" folder to dump spam into.  However, in
> the subscription area of squirrelmail the new "Spam" is coming up as
> "#Users/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/Spam", but in the left pain that shows the folder
> tree you just see "Spam".

That is not correct. It should look like '#Public/Spam'. But it may well be sm's
 namespace handling is broken.

> What should my fetchmail syntax look like?
> /usr/bin/fetchmail -a -s -n -p IMAP --folder 'INBOX.Spam' -m 'bash -c
> "/usr/bin/tee >(/usr/bin/sa-learn --spam --single \ 
>                  > /dev/null)|/usr/bin/spamc|/usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/deliver

I prefer fetchmailrc syntax:

poll localhost with protocol imap
  user spamadmin mda "/usr/bin/sa-learn --spam --single"
  password secretpassword;
  folder "#Public/Spam"

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