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On 27.09.2010 22:42, Paul Houle wrote:
> My guess is that
> wikipedia might have been wrong at one time,  and has had it corrected.

You can check this by comparing the regular DBpedia and DBpedia Live:


Indeed, the coordinates have changed, so there was probably an error in 

>   From my viewpoint,  I'd like to make a map that doesn't have
> embarassing errors in it...  What's the best way to clean up this mess?

Consider using LinkedGeoData [1]. As member of both projects (DBpedia 
and LinkedGeoData) I am quite sure that the latter has more accurate 
coordinates. LinkedGeoData also has DBpedia links, although they need 
(and will be) updated, because of some changes in LinkedGeoData.

Note that for large objects (e.g. Russia and other countries) both 
LinkedGeoData/OpenStreetMap and DBpedia/Wikipedia contain a reference 
point, which is a good representative for this object. However, there is 
no strict mathematical definition how to compute it, which means that 
reference points in LinkedGeoData and DBpedia do not necessarily coincide.

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[1] http://linkedgeodata.org

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