Hello All!

My name is Victor Ananyev. I'm a second year Master student in Physics
(Quantum Field Theory department, Taras Shevchenko National University of
Kyiv, Ukraine). Being physicist, I'm strong in Calculus and Linear Algebra,
have a well developed abstract and critical thinking. Programming is my
hobby since school years. Data science is a topic which interests me for
last years. I'm really fond of working with live data, and would like to
gain more experience in this field. I learn fast and due to long practice
in programming I'm able to implement flexible solutions in short periods of
time. I'm especially interested in *KB embeddings project*. I find it
really useful, because visualizing Wikpedia structure in semantic way
provides an easy way to dive into some topic starting from the most
important its features. The framework is general enough, and could give a
profit not only for organizing already gained knowledge but also visualize
directions for developing new trends.
I have strong skills in web development, experience in SQL, collaborative
coding with Git and Trello. I'm used for writing reports after finishing
micro-tasks; this along with comments from collaborators keeps me in flow.
Have good skills in Python, but worked with C++ as well.

I would like to take part in GSOC this summer contributing to DBpedia!

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