Hello everyone,

My name is Akmal Khikmatullaev and I am a master student of Bonn
University(Germany) on Computer Science faculty.
During my study I have studied Machine Learning, Data Mining, Bid Data and
Knowledge Graph Analysis.
One of the Lab project was related to the Dbpedia and moreover, I have used
Scala language for several Machine learning models
like multilingual logistic regression, isotonic regression and decision

Furthermore, the last year I am working in Fraunhofer IAIS in Question
Answering System "Quandary". The result of the work of the team in which I
was a member was the publication
Why Reinvent the Wheel-Let's Build Question Answering Systems Together

I look forward to working on "*Extracting Table of Contents(TOCs) for
Articles*", because it is the great opportunity
to participate to the big project and develop it. For me it is a great
opportunity improve programming skills to good use through GSoC.

Akmal Khikmatullaev
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