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At 12:35 PM -0700 9/17/05, Jim Powell wrote:
thanks, Alex, for your excellent sleuthing.  David Crosby also adapted the
lyric (as well as the Dead & Dylan), into a song about the killing of John

Watch for more information on this at


Earl Crabb knows Mark Spoelstra and promises to find out more about this.

Here's what Earl just posted on that page:

 I recorded Dylan singing a version, May 5 or 6, 1961, in which
 he said he learned the song from Eric von Schmidt, up in Cambridge.
 This was at the Indian Neck Folk Festival, held at the Montewese
 Hotel, in Branford, CT.  Mark Spoelstra was also at that festival,
 and certainly heard my tape when he was my next-door neighbor in
 1963.  I think that tape is out on the web somewhere available.
 Mark went to California on October 4, I think, 1963, and I didn't
 see him again until 1968 or 1969, when I took over his apartment
 in Bernal Heights, SF.  He came to [Charlie Frizzell]'s memorial service in
 Berkeley last August.  We've been in touch lately, and when I
 get back out west, I'll ask him about the song. 
 I heard what Mark was playing in 1963, and "Just A Hand To Hold"
 was not anything I heard, so I seriously doubt that he'd written
 it by then.  The words are different, very different.  I haven't
 heard Mark's song even now, but I'll take a listen.


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