Dear all,

When I answer posts on the forum I try my best to add links to relevant 
portions of the documentation.
I tend to choose (when I remember to do so) those from the developer page 
because I anticipate that these links would exist in perpetuity as we move 
to version 9 and beyond.
As sometimes its easier to search for a key phrase than a specific 
namespace/class/function, I preferentially use Google as opposed to the 
search bar in the Doxygen docs.

These searches typically bring up a mish-mash of older documentation and 
that from the developer version.
For example, searching for the GridTools::find_active_cell_around_point 
function (not the most robust construction of a query, but probably a 
typical one) returns links to v8.4.1 and older, and there's not even a link 
on the front page to the latest docs!
This leads me to wonder whether would it be useful (or even possible) to 
promote the developer version of the documentation in search engine results 
in preference to the older versions?
I think that this might be rewarding to the average user because then 
they'd get more exposure to the latest documentation (with all its 
enhancements) and to the newest functionality in deal.II.

Best regards,

In writing this post, I have just realised that some of the 
classes/functions that I link to may be deprecated and removed in time.
So perhaps I should be linking to the most recent stable version's 
documentation and (if possible) it's results should be returned 
preferentially by search engines.
Does anyone else have any thoughts on what the best practise for this is?

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