Thanks for the replies thus far. Interesting points that you both have 
raised. I was only introduced to Zenodo this last week and have just 
created an account, so I wasn't fully aware of how it could / would have to 
be used.

To put this in context, Andrew and I were having a discussion related to 
the use of the step-44 tutorial as a basis for further research. We've 
never had any metrics on how widespread its application has been. For him, 
without this data, its been difficult to justify as third-party 
contributors (as we were when we wrote the tutorial) in the writing funding 
proposals the merits of contributing to open-source software. On a more 
selfish note, as young researchers it may also have been beneficial to us 
to boost those annoying but supposedly important citation metrics that we 
rely on to advance our careers. It goes without saying that, like everyone 
who contributes, we remain very much in agreement of the altruistic nature 
of open-source software and the community around it. But on this particular 
point it would be great if we could somehow inject an extra dose of 
pragmatism without upsetting the spirit in which the contributions are made 
in the first place.

> > But we could create DOIs for the tutorials that really only list the 
> > (original) authors of that program. Presumably, people who cite them 
> would 
> > also cite deal.II itself. 

Thats pretty much what I envisioned could/would happen. Same goes for the 
code-gallery contributions, which are more easy to claim ownership over as 
they're distanced from the main repository. Also, I couldn't see the case 
for someone citing only one or the other. 

> I don't know how to do this in a simple way. Zenodo takes a github 
> repo and a specific release tag and creates a DOI for it. Unless you 
> manually upload the tutorial source code separately, there is no way 
> to give it a different title or list of authors. 

True, this definitely seems to be the case. You have to upload at least one 
file when making a new entry in Zenodo.

Thanks for being willing to have this discussion!


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