A couple of times now I have encountered GDB output similar to my attached 

The previous time I had only made a very small change to my code, so it was 
easy enough for me to figure out on my own. Presently I'm trying to run a 
1D version of my code for the first time. So far I've only ran 2D problems, 
though I have been attempting to employ the dimension independent 
programming found throughout the library.

So I imagine that there is some templated method I'm using which simply has 
not been implemented in 1D. Any tips on how to quickly narrow down which 
specific method(s) is/are throwing this exception? Is it extremely odd that 
this exception doesn't point me to the source code?

I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and using a debug build of a 8.5.0-pre version of 
deal.II at commit 0752c81b84c7f9c737ef62ac09932853bb976f8d

As shown in the snapshot, GDB has consistently been throwing a couple of 
warnings. I always get those warnings and this is only the second time I've 
had an untraceable error, both of which are related to the "not 
implemented" cases; so I'm guessing that it's unrelated, but I could be 
entirely wrong about that.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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