I have been working with Dealii 8.3 for a while and I have been using the 
modified version of step-36 to solve eigenvalue problem with ARPACK. I 
noticed that there is a possibility of working with PARPACK in Dealii 8.4 
and so I upgraded to this version.
I am trying to get the codes in 
running with MPI and PETSc variables.
I managed to compile the sample codes but the problem is that when I run 
the code I receive errors from ARPACK referring to "info=-9" in Pdnaupd. 
and following "info=-9" I see the error is about initial vector being zero 
and I cannot solve this problem by tuning any parameter it seems.
Can anybody suggest a solution please?

Thank you very much,
Best regards,

P.S: One important issue here is that the parpack_solver.h that comes with 
the package available on dealii website is not the one on the github and 
therefore it does not recognize some of the functions. So, I copied the 
version which is available on the github in order to be able to get the 
codes compiled.

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