> [...]
>      for (unsigned int q_index=0; q_index<n_q_points; ++q_index)
>        for (unsigned int i=0; i<dofs_per_cell; ++i)
>          {
>         velocity[local_dof_indices[i]] = local_velocity_values[q_index];
>          }
> Here you assign the same Tensor<1,dim> at all DoFs multiple times and you 
end with velocity[*]=local_velocity_values[n_q_points]-1.
I don't think that this is what you want to do, is it? If I understand you 
correctly, you try to assign the magnitude of the velocity in each degree 
of freedom
to a different scalar Vector that represents a scalar FiniteElement Vector.
In this case, you need to use a Quadrature object that uses the 
unit_support_points of the scalar FE [1] and your assignment would read

for (unsigned int i=0; i<dofs_per_cell; ++i)
  velocity[local_dof[indices[i]] = local_velocity_values(i).norm_sqr();

where velocity is a Vector that is related to fe_scalar and 
local_velocity_values has the type  std::vector<Vector<double> >.



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