I wanted to evaluate Vectortool::integrate_difference to estimate my error. 

but I couldn't figure out what I need to enter for the third component. (I 
marked it as red) 

     VectorTools::integrate_difference (dof_handler,






I have solution vector over my domain,(by the way I am solving vector 
valued problems...)  

I want to compare this with continuous exact function, "May be 
Solution<dim+1>" , I have generated it as follow. 

However, I got a error message that 

*/Users/jaekwangjk/repos/trial/sphere-deal.ii/mystokes.cc:1258:7: **error: *

*      matching function for call to 'integrate_difference'*

What's might be wrong with my code......

 template <int dim>

    class Solution : public Function<dim>




        Solution () : Function<dim>(dim+1) {}


        //const unsigned int b_id;

        virtual double value (const Point<dim>   &p,

                              const unsigned int component = 0) const;


        virtual void vector_value (const Point<dim> &p,

                                   Vector<double>   &value) const;





    template <int dim>


    Solution<dim>::value (const Point<dim>  &p,

                                const unsigned int component) const


        Assert (component < this->n_components,

                ExcIndexRange (component, 0, this->n_components));


        double U=-1.; //inflow velocity

        double obj_rad=0.2; //Object Radius

        double r_sph = sqrt( pow(p[0],2) + pow(p[1],2) );

        double phi = (-1) * acos(p[1]/r_sph);


        double q_r_sph=U*cos(phi)*( 1+ 

        double q_phi=(-1)* U*sin(phi)*(1 -0.25 *pow(obj_rad,3)/pow(r_sph,3)-


        double q_x=q_r_sph*sin(phi)+q_phi*cos(phi);

        double q_y=(-1)*q_r_sph*cos(phi)+q_phi*sin(phi);



        if (component == 0)

            return q_x; 

        if (component == 1)

            return q_y;


            return 0;  //




    template <int dim>


    Solution<dim>::vector_value (const Point<dim> &p,

                                       Vector<double>   &values) const


        for (unsigned int c=0; c<this->n_components; ++c)

            values(c) = Solution<dim>::value (p, c);


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