On 09/20/2016 09:04 AM, JAEKWANG KIM wrote:
yes...I tried that before, but I get an error message as follow..

As a general workflow, you need to
1/ make the code compile
2/ run it without any runtime error
3/ make sure the results are correct.

In your original message, you were stopped in 1 because the compiler complained about Solution<dim+1> where it should have been Solution<dim>. You then fixed this, and got a run time error, i.e., you were stopped in step 2.

This is *progress*. But you saw an error and instead went back to Solution<dim+1>. This makes no sense. A program typically has many bugs. You need to work on them one after the other, until you pass step 3. It may mean that you need to fix multiple compile errors first before you can run the code, and fix multiple runtime errors before you get any solution.


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