Hi all,
Since I am solving a large strain problem, to displace my grid every time 
step I have used MappingQEulerian 
<http://dealii.org/8.4.1/doxygen/deal.II/classMappingQEulerian.html> class 
in output part of the code(the same as step-44) as follows:

Vector<double> soln(solution.size());
    for (unsigned int i = 0; i < soln.size(); ++i)
      soln(i) = solution(i);
    MappingQEulerian<dim> q_mapping(degree, dof_handler, soln);
    data_out.build_patches(q_mapping, degree);

Now I am changing the code for parallelization. In the documentation of the 
MappingQEulerian class it is mentioned that:
"To enable the use of the MappingQ1Eulerian 
also in the context of parallel codes using the PETSc wrapper classes, the 
type of the vector can be specified as template parameter EulerVectorType Not 
specifying this template argument in applications using the PETSc vector 
classes leads to the construction of a copy of the vector which is not 
accessible afterwards!"
I can't understatnd what it means and what changes I should make.


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