Hello all. I am very new to the community but very eager to learn. I am 
wonder if there is an out-of-the-box support for using Lagrange multipliers 
on a boundary, to enforce rigid body motion in Stokes flow, similar to the 
work of Glowinski [1] or Hwang [2]?

[1] Glowinski, R., Pan, T. W., Hesla, T. I., Joseph, D. D., & Periaux, J. 
(2001). A fictitious domain approach to the direct numerical simulation of 
incompressible viscous flow past moving rigid bodies: application to 
particulate flow. *Journal of Computational Physics*, *169*(2), 363-426.
[2] Hwang, W. R., Hulsen, M. A., & Meijer, H. E. (2004). Direct simulation 
of particle suspensions in sliding bi-periodic frames. *Journal of 
Computational Physics*, *194*(2), 742-772.

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