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our paper based on deal.II is online:

Phase-field modeling of fracture in variably saturated porous media. 
T. Cajuhi, L. Sanavia, L. De Lorenzis.
Comput Mech (2017)

Thanks for adding to the list. 

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On Monday, July 17, 2017 at 11:44:18 PM UTC+2, Wolfgang Bangerth wrote:
> All, 
> we periodically collect publications that show results obtained using 
> deal.II at 
> As of today, there are now more than 1,000 such publications that we 
> know of -- I think that's a nice reflection of the community that now 
> supports this project! 
> Most of these we just happen to come across using search engines [1], 
> but it would be much easier if we would hear about them as they get 
> published. If you have written a paper, preprint, PhD thesis, MSc 
> thesis, or anything else in which you use deal.II, please do let us know! 
> Cheers 
>   W. 
> [1] We search for these publications because we need to demonstrate to 
> our funding agencies and departments that what we do is useful to a lot 
> of people. 
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