Hello everyone,

I am using deal.ii to solve a 3D solid mechanics problem. My code uses 
PetSc and P4est.

The geometry is a cubical box [0 1] X [0 1] X [0 1] with a uniform 
rectilinear mesh in the domain.

I have obtained the scalar solution vector u in the domain.

I need to find the line integral of the solution along the boundary. For 
example: lets say
I want to integrate the solution variable
\int u dx on the line which is on +z face and goes from from (0,0,1) to 

Can someone please help to figure out how to do this? In the pseudo code, 
my doubt is how to initialize
the fe_face_values (line values?) object and the gauss quadrature formula 
for this?

integral = 0;

for (; cell != endc; ++cell)
        if (cell->is_locally_owned())
          for (face = 0; face<GeometryInfo<dim::faces_per_cell;++face)
                if(cell->face(face)->boundary_id == my_boundary_id) // 
normal facing the -y direction: bottom face
                     for (line = 0; 
                           if (cell->face(face)->line(line)->center()(2) == 
1) // boundary line needed
                              for (q = 0; q < number_of_q_points; ++q)
                             integral += function_value_at_q * 
integral = SUM of integral from all processes


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