I have project where I would like to use multiple source and header files 
that are in /source and /include subfolders. The CMakelists.txt is in the 
root. Otherwise the program can be compiled without errors but I am getting 
some linking errors. 

In function `main':
undefined reference to `poisson::PProblem<2>::declare_parameters()'
undefined reference to `poisson::PProblem<2>::run()'

My CMakelists.txt follows the one presented in this discussion but I have 
fixed the paths to the files:


Since it is a templated object, I have provided the following 
instantiations in the source files.

/* Declaration: */ 
template<int dim> 
class PProblem {}; 

namespace pdd {
/* Definition ... */ 
/* Instantiation: */ 
template class PProblem<2> p_test_problem;

Do you have any suggestions or comments, how to solve the linking problem? 


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