I was wondering what the correct way is to use MPI_Bcast in a 
deal.II-program. Currently I am using it in the following way:
        print_status_update(pcout, std::string("Transmitting pulse data of 
size ") + std::to_string(module.data_size) + std::string("\n"), true);
        //MPI_Bcast(module.pulse_intensity.memptr(), module.data_size, 
MPI_DOUBLE, Utilities::MPI::this_mpi_process(mpi_communicator), 
        print_status_update(pcout, std::string("Transmitting old pulse 
data\n"), true);
        MPI_Bcast(module.old_pulse_intensity.memptr(), module.data_size, 
        print_status_update(pcout, std::string("Both data matrices 
transmitted\n"), true);
with module.old_pulse_intensity.memptr() the pointer to the memory to be 
transmitted and module.data_size the amount of doubles to be transmitted, 
from the root node to all the other nodes. Is that approach correct? 
Currently my program hangs when executing this line (MPI_Bcast) when 
running it on more than one node. Do I have to use something else than "0" 
for indicating the root node?


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