Dear all,

While I was learning how to use the deal.ii library, one of the my major
theoretical problems was the plethora of choices in solvers+preconditioners
available, as I mentioned in another post. For instance, most of the 
Tutorial steps
mention that you can use CG when the tangent matrix is symmetric, but not 
does it mention what to do if your matrix is asymmetric. I think having a 
summary or a table with the solvers in the documentation could help solve
(hehe) this issue. Naturally, something similar could be done regarding

I am willing to write such documentation. 

As I plan it right now, a lot of of the work would to summarise and write
down the contents of Prof. Bangerth's Lectures 34-38 and 41.75. As for 
the algebraic properties required for the solvers to work, I think using 
Templates book and PETSc documentation should suffice, but I am always 
open to more sources.

That said all, I can see a few reasons why one would *not* want to have this
summary in the documentation, the most important being that it is possible 
a beginner could get a "good enough" idea and not look deeper into the
documentation to something that would be more beneficial to them. Therefore,
before starting this side project, I would like to know if the maintainers
think it is a good idea to have such summary in the documentation, and 
would be
pleased to hear more thoughts on the issue. 


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