I dont know how feasible it would be, but maybe you could move it to 
> . It seems that even doxygen 
> <> 
> does not pick up the source code as it does for all the other functions.
The reason why this function is not defined in is that it 
does not only depend on the template parameter "MeshType" (for which we 
might all reasonable values) 
but it also depends on "DataType" which we can't know when compiling the 
library. Hence, it has to live in some file that you include when using 
this function.
For some functions we know most of the reasonable template parameters (and 
a suitable implementation), but want to allow for others as well. These end 
up in the "*.templates.h" files.
This is not true for "GridTools::exchange_cell_data_to_ghosts" and the 
reason why we define it in "grid_tools.h".


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