Hi Sambit,

On Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 6:51:37 PM UTC+2, Sambit Das wrote:
> Hello dealii-team,
> I have created a failing test case in serial when hanging nodes+periodic 
> constraints are mixed. 
> *The algorithm of the test is follows: (attached *
> *minimalExampleHangingNodesPeriodicConstraintsBug.cc)*
> 1) Create a hypercube (-20,20) with origin at the center
> 2) Set periodic boundary conditions on the hypercube
> 3) Perform two levels of mesh refinement:- a) one step uniform refinement 
> hypercube to get 8 cells ,and b) then pick one of the 8 cells and refine 
> only that cell which creates hanging nodes on the faces. Finally I get 15 
> cells (see attached image).
> 4) Create two constraintMatrices: *constraints* and 
> *onlyHangingNodeConstraints.*
> *                constraints:* both hanging node and periodic constraints
>                  *onlyHangingNodeConstraints:* just hanging node 
> constraints
> 5) Create two nodal vectors vec1 and vec2 with nodal value = 
> nodal_coordinate.norm(). Set and distribute vec1 using  *constraints. *Set 
> and distribute vec2 using *onlyHangingNodeConstraints.*
> 6) Print l2 norm of vec1 and vec2.
> *The issue:*
> Since the nodal value = nodal_coordinate.norm() is intrinsically periodic 
> (the domain being a hypercube with origin at the center), I would expect 
> vec1 and vec2 to have the same l2 norm. However I get different l2 norm 
> values:

I don't think that's the case. The domain is indeed periodic, but this is 
completely detached from location of support/nodal points. 
Same applies to geometry, you will have different coordinates of vertices 
across the PBC so

Point<3> nodalCoor = cellDof->vertex(i);

is expected to give different values on the opposite boundaries.


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