Dear all, 

I would like your guidance on how to perform the assembly of different
shape representations on the same triangulation and on the same loop 
through cells.

Let me try to explain a bit more.

I have designed a grid containing two concentric squares (or circles).
Additionally, I have a parametric representation T(alpha) that maps points 
(x,y) on the edges 
of the inner square (or circle) to points (x',y') on the edges of a desired 
contained inside the outer square (or circle). This is 
(x',y')=T(alpha;x,y), where 
the representation T depends on a parameter alpha.

Now assume we have N different shapes that are labelled with the index m.
We then have N parameters alpha_m, with m=1,2,...N.
Then in the loop through the triangulation cells in the assembly process, I 
would like
to be able for each cell to loop through different alpha_m, in order to 
generate the 
local FE matrices and load vectors corresponding to each of the 
modified triangulations corresponding to each of the N shapes.

My guess is that somehow I should modify the following line:
const FEValues<dim> &fe_v = hp_fe_v.get_present_fe_values ();

and pass instead a FEValues that has been generated with the desired 

Below I provide a more complete sketch on how my code looks like.

I am quite hesitant on where to start, and I would appreciate your insights 
how to achieve having an assemly routine where I can pass different alpha_m 
per each 
cell in the loop through cells.
I am grateful for any advise or hint on how to achieve this.

Thanks in advance,
  Juan Carlos Ara├║jo, PhD

The way I work with one shape is the following:

// Deaclare my environment
    PolarShapeManifold manifold;
    PolarManifold<dim> polar;
    TransfiniteInterpolationManifold<dim> inner_manifold;

    Triangulation<dim> triangulation;

    hp::DoFHandler<dim>    dof_handler;
    hp::FECollection<dim>    fe_collection;
    hp::MappingCollection<dim> mapping_collection;

    PETScWrappers::SparseMatrix    system_matrix;
    PETScWrappers::MPI::Vector solution;

// Constructor
    manifold ( alpha), dof_handler (triangulation),...

// setup_system
        typename hp::DoFHandler<dim>::active_cell_iterator
    cell = dof_handler.begin_active(),
    endc = dof_handler.end();
    for (; cell!=endc; ++cell) { 
        cell->set_active_fe_index ( ... );
    dof_handler.distribute_dofs (fe_collection);

// create_coarse_grid 
    concentric_disks_inner_shape ( triangulation );
    tria.set_manifold ( manifold_label, manifold ); 
    tria.set_manifold ( layer_label, polar );
    unsigned int not_curved = 1;
    tria.set_manifold (not_curved, inner_manifold);

// Assembly

        hp::FEValues<dim> hp_fe_v ( mapping_collection,
                                update_values    |  update_gradients |
                                update_quadrature_points  | 
    FullMatrix<PetscScalar>   cell_system;
    Vector<PetscScalar>                cell_rhs;
        std::vector<types::global_dof_index> local_dof_indices;

    typename hp::DoFHandler<dim>::active_cell_iterator
    cell = dof_handler.begin_active(),
    endc = dof_handler.end();
    for (; cell!=endc; ++cell) {
        const unsigned int   dofs_per_cell = cell->get_fe().dofs_per_cell;
        cell_system.reinit (dofs_per_cell, dofs_per_cell);
        cell_rhs.reinit (dofs_per_cell);
        hp_fe_v.reinit (cell);
        const FEValues<dim> &fe_v = hp_fe_v.get_present_fe_values ();

                for (unsigned int q_point=0; q_point<fe_v.
n_quadrature_points; ++q_point) {
          Point<dim> x = fe_v.quadrature_point (q_point);
          for (unsigned int i=0; i<dofs_per_cell; ++i){
              for (unsigned int j=0; j<dofs_per_cell; ++j) {
                                cell_system (i,j) += (
shape_grad(i,q_point) *
                                 -f(x) *     // given f
                                 fe_v.shape_value(i,q_point) *
                                 fe_v.shape_value(j,q_point) ) *
                            cell_rhs (i)   +=  g(x) *      // given g
shape_value(i,q_point) *
                    } // q

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