Dear Maurice,

The problem is that the size of `auto buffer = 
dealii::Utilities::pack(r1);` is not the same on all processes, which is a 
requirement if you use `MPI_Bcast`. My suggestion would to split the 
procedure into two steps: 1) bcast the size on rank 1; 2) bcast the actual 


On Monday, 8 June 2020 12:46:53 UTC+2, Maurice Rohracker wrote:
> Dear deal.II community,
> For a distributed implementation, we would like to broadcast packed data 
> objects.
> For the beginning, we would like to understand how the serialize function 
> for packing an object is working in the sense of the deal.II way, before it 
> is getting more complicated.
> I created a small test with a class, which should be broadcasted. As a 
> comparison, I took the dealii:Point<dim>, which can obviously be packed and 
> broadcasted without any issues.
> Unfortunately, the broadcast for our class does not work. We assume that 
> our serialize function is not in the correct manner. Is it possible to pack 
> own objects using the dealii::Utilities:pack() function? What is the proper 
> way defining the serialize function?
> Attached you'll find our small example code. We are using deal.II 9.0.1.
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Best regards,
> Maurice Rohracker
> Master Student Computational Engineering
> FAU Erlange-N├╝rnberg

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