Dear all,
I hope you are doing well.

In my endless quest for robust mesh generation of hex meshes using GMSH, I 
have managed to come up with a very robust strategy to generate hex-only 
My only issue (which is a major one) is that this implies that my 
decomposition from tet to hex adds nodes that are not "snapped" to the 
boundary, but that are only linear interpolation of the other node on the 
triangular faces.
Consequently, my quest remains unfulfilled.

Meshing through high-order and snapping the additional node to a high-order 
mesh from within GMSH is very troublesome and not very robust (and also 
very time consuming). However, an idea came to mind.
I was wondering if there could be an easy way to "snap" my faces to the 
manifold to which they belong.

My problem is thus the following:
- Given a triangulation and a manifold
- Some nodes are exactly on the manifolds (the original nodes of the tets) 
and some are not (the added nodes in the subdivision)
- What would be the best way to deform mesh so that the non-conforming node 
get deformed to the position which would be implied by the manifold? I 
think I could also make the process more robust by solving an additional 
elasticity equation during the deformation to deform the entire mesh 
instead of just the nodes close to the manifold.

Would any of you have a suggestion on how best to achieve the deformation 
of the nodes to match the manifold?

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