I'm a new deal.ii and C++ user, so this question might be a bit basic, but 
I was wondering how my implementation of the built-in deal.ii particle 
class should look.  Ultimately I'm looking to track a particle in laminar 
flow.  So far I've tried creating a simple particle at the origin after 
generating my geometry with the GridGenerator class.  Calling the particle 
class in my code looks like this: 

Particles::Particle<dim, dim>::Particle() 

as per the documentation on dealii.org.  However I get the error message: 
error: dependent-name ‘dealii::Particles::Particle<dim, dim>::Particle’ is 
parsed as a non-type, but instantiation yields a type.  How should I be 
implementing this class to construct a particle, what type declaration 
should new particles be declared as, and are there other documentation or 
resources I should be looking at?  


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