On 6/10/20 9:19 PM, Matthias Maier wrote:
Version 9.2.0 of deal.II, the object-oriented finite element library
awarded the J. H. Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software, has been
released. It is available for free under an Open Source license from the
deal.II homepage at [...]

the link to it is somewhere further down in the announcement, but I'd like to
highlight as always the paper in which we summarize the major improvements in
this version:
You may find it interesting.

As always, many many people have contributed to this release. In
addition to the 17 authors of the paper above, section 4 lists another 79
people, also listed below. I think that's an awesome number, and we owe all of them for all of their contributions -- thank you!

 Wolfgang & the rest of the principal developers

Pasquale Africa,
Ashna Aggarwal,
Giovanni Alzetta,
Mathias Anselmann,
Kirana Bergstrom,
Manaswinee Bezbaruah,
Benjamin Brands,
Yong-Yong Cai,
Fabian Castelli,
Joshua Christopher,
Ester Comellas,
Katherine Cosburn,
Denis Davydov,
Elias Dejene,
Stefano Dominici,
Brett Dong,
Luel Emishaw,
Niklas Fehn,
Rebecca Fildes,
Menno Fraters,
Andres Galindo,
Daniel Garcia-Sanchez,
Rene Gassmoeller,
Melanie Gerault,
Nicola Giuliani,
Brandon Gleeson,
Anne Glerum,
Krishnakumar Gopalakrishnan,
Graham Harper,
Mohammed Hassan,
Nicole Hayes,
Bang He,
Johannes Heinz,
Jiuhua Hu,
Lise-Marie Imbert-Gerard,
Manu Jayadharan,
Daniel Jodlbauer,
Marie Kajan,
Guido Kanschat,
Alexander Knieps,
Uwe K{\"o}cher,
Paras Kumar,
Konstantin Ladutenko,
Charu Lata,
Adam Lee,
Wenyu Lei,
Katrin Mang,
Mae Markowski,
Franco Milicchio,
Adriana Morales Miranda,
Bob Myhill,
Emily Novak,
Omotayo Omosebi,
Alexey Ozeritskiy,
Rebecca Pereira,
Geneva Porter,
Laura Prieto Saavedra,
Roland Richter,
Jonathan Robey,
Irabiel Romero,
Matthew Russell,
Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet,
Natasha S. Sharma,
Doug Shi-Dong,
Konrad Simon,
Stephanie Sparks,
Sebastian Stark,
Simon Sticko,
Jan Philipp Thiele,
Jihuan Tian,
Sara Tro,
Ferdinand Vanmaele,
Michal Wichrowski,
Julius Witte,
Winnifried Wollner,
Ming Yang,
Mario Zepeda Aguilar,
Wenjuan Zhang,
Victor Zheng.

Wolfgang Bangerth          email:                 bange...@colostate.edu
                           www: http://www.math.colostate.edu/~bangerth/

The deal.II project is located at http://www.dealii.org/
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