On 6/14/20 7:09 PM, Oleg Kmechak wrote:
             Solver(Model *model):
                 model = model;

I have not tried too carefully to look at what you're doing, but this line doesn't look right. It is equivalent to
  this->model = this->model;
which I don't think is what you want to do.

I should not that we occasionally use the following style in constructors:

     Solver (Model *model)
     :  model (model)
     { ... }

which is initializing this->model with the given argument 'model'. But that only works in the initializer list of a class.

You are correct that the error messages you see result from the fact that somewhere in the Python interfaces, it is trying to create a copy operator/constructor for the Model class, but that that doesn't exist because the copy operations for Triangulation and DoFHandler are not allowed. That has nothing to do with the issue above.


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