Dear Deal.II devs and users,

In the latest release a lot of (great) work has been done to make complex 
numbers more of a first-class citizen in deal, which has made my code a lot 
more readable. Currently, I am stuck with one problem, though. Are there 
any distributed datatypes for matrices that accept complex numbers?

The dealii sparse matrix implementation is a template and allows complex 
numbers - however that implementation has no MPI functionality, which I 

The Petsc Sparse Matrix and Trilinos Sparse Matrix are no templates. In the 
types header I found the declaration of TrilinosScalar as double but 
changing it and recompiling dealii with the changed header threw an error. 

I have Trillions compiled with support for complex numbers and also 
searched through the LinearAlgebra documentation.

I require GMRES as a solver (which should be possible, because the GMRES 
Versions all use a templated Vector which can take complex components) and 
MPI distribution of a sparse system. I have so far only seen FullMatrix to 
accept complex numbers.

Can anyone give me a pointer on what is possible?

Kind regards,
Pascal Kraft

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