Dear all,
  I am running step-17 by mpirun, it returns the error message below:
Exception on processing:

An error occurred in line <69> of file
</home/yjin6/Deal.II/dealii-9.2.0/source/lac/> in function
    void dealii::SparsityTools::{anonymous}::partition_metis(const
dealii::SparsityPattern&, const std::vector<unsigned int>&, unsigned int,
std::vector<unsigned int>&)
The violated condition was:
Additional information:
    The function you called requires METIS, but you did not configure
deal.II with METIS.
This message does't appear when I use a single node to run it.  Does the
sparsity tools  automatically overload to partition_metis under parallel
Thank you!
Best regards
Yuesu Jin,
Ph.D student,
University of Houston,
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics,
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences,
Houston, Texas 77204-5008

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