On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 12:03 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Can you please publish somewhere the registration fees ?  I am trying
> to get my company's travel approval and need to have a cost estimate.

The registration form gives that information, some quotes:

Professional - 200 USD / 6000 TWD
Corporate - 500 USD / 15000 TWD

The [accommodation] cost is 5 USD/night...

Meal prices are: Breakfast 3 USD, Lunch 5 USD, Dinner 5 USD.

> Also, can you tell me if you have enough accomodation to be able to
> give individual rooms to people who pay extra ?

Apparently there are 630 beds and 4 beds per room:


I guess the local team will confirm if your request is feasible but I
would guess that it is.



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