Dear Friends,

I thoroughly admit/confess about debconf event planning works and
thought this probably would be the most appropriate way to understand
how things work and have it recorded for posterity and historical

It is purely an academic pursuit at the moment.

I had a look at

and last but not the least

Sadly, it seems most of the content is somewhat outdated but dunno the
reasons for that, the usual suspect might be simply lack of time from

The reason I ask is it is not articulated anywhere formally as how the
whole the budgeting thing works.

Observing from the various interactions on various mailing lists and
IRC, this is how it seems to work -

1. Advertise to potential pool of advertisers to support debconf and
how they can have value out of that relationship. Many are long-time
supporters so that latter part is not shared but implied.

2. Sponsors who reply in the affirmative are given invoices. The
invoices are similar to IOU but in a
formal sense.

3. From the sponsorship money, the debconf-team gets an informal
budget from which all expenses, i.e. travel, accommodation
sponsorships (probably a big slice of the budget), catering, venue and
catering for last dinner night are added in. The idea is usually to
have a surplus so that some money is kept for a rainy day. If there is
a short in the budget, the DPL is requested to either make the short
good from debian's budget although at times a late surge in
sponsorship may reduce or cancel that as well. There is also a
possibility to reduce the travel and accommodation bursaries as well.

4. After debconf finishes, reports are shared with the sponsors about
both the travel kit as well as how their names were there on the
various banners, t-shirts etc. depending upon the sponsorship tier
they were in.

5. Sponsors are pinged to get the invoices good.

6. After money is received, money is paid to those who were promised
travel sponsorships  within the budget prescribed and who had
submitted the documents asked.

7.  Depending upon when the above is all done, all receipts are done,
payments done and auditors auditing the account the debconf final
report is presented as matter of public archives.

Am I correct in assuming the above flow . I know there are lot more
details and about a dozen or more mini sub-steps in what I have

If the above simplified explanation is true, where should I put up the
same, on what wiki page so that's its found with a preferably a link
to the discussion topic for future debconf planners.

Look forward to know more.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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