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On 12/04/2018, Gunnar Wolf <> wrote:
> 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson dijo [Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 01:12:06AM +0800]:
>> Be sure to register for Industry DayTrip A now. 258 people max. After
>> 5/31 all empty spots will no longer be available to DebConf
>> participants. .
> Hi Dan,
> Please elaborate more on this.
> Why would people be interested in this?
> What do you expect to show in this daytrip option?
> What other daytrip options are there?
> Why is this one so restricted (so much it requires registration _three
> months_ in advance)?
> I asked you to send this message so that people know about it and,
> possibly, are interested in it. Please get people in love with it! ;-)

Dear Dan,

Most people would love to be part of it (at least me being the
instigator of the idea of seeing TSMC or any chip fab. )

truth be told it probably would be around a month before debconf when
people would come to know whether they will be able to be part of

Budgets, bursaries, families, office everybody has to juggle something
or the other before
they can make a commitment to be part of debconf.

At the end of the day people would do only when they can.

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