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> On 15/04/2018, Thomas Goirand <z...@debian.org> wrote:
>> Forgot "Yubikey" in the subject line ... :)
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>> Thomas Goirand (zigo)
> Dear Thomas,
> Could there also be a possibility of buying one or two yubikeys at
> Debconf 2018 in case one is not a DD/DM ? The money could go to
> Infomaniak or partly Debconf and partly Infomaniak if it's feasible.

Sorry, but I don't think Infomaniak would like to start a Yubikey
reselling business! :)

Though you know, if you want to buy one, it's available on Amazon for
less than 50 EUR. I really like the Yubikey 4 Nano...

> If it's appropriately priced and just has a Debian Logo than even if
> some remain/are left over  could be sold in next year's Debconf as
> well. I would leave both the appropriateness part as well as
> merchandising to the Debian marketing team, maybe something can be
> worked out.

That's a brilliant idea. Yubico in fact does provide such a service of
branding Yubikeys with whatever you want. Yubikeys with a Debian logo
would indeed be a great thing to see at debconf. However, I have to warn
that the print isn't of the greatest quality. Some colleagues already
have some of "Infomaniak" letters fading away.

> It may be a good idea to have a gpg basics, yubikey usage and then gpg
> keysigning so people don't mistakes .

If I make it to Taiwan, I'll definitively do a workshop explaining how
to use the key. It'd be even better if one of the keyring maintainers
could be on site and accept the new (sub)keys the same day, so we could
use the keys directly. Gunnar, is it doable?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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