On 08/11/2018 09:06 AM, Clayton wrote:
> This was my first DebConf and I chose not to offer my last name on the
> registration, or at any point during the conference, and nobody seemed
> bothered. I believe(?) there were some registrants who were entirely
> pseudonymous. If one does not want one's name exposed publicly in an
> online community, then just don't give a real name.

What happens in case of an emergency then? Aren't organizers of large
events of this type required by law to keep lists of real name?

If, for example, an attendee of the conference has a serious accident
and other folk call emergency services, they will have a problem when
asked for the name and street address of an attendee. Or, even worse,
if an attendee died, organizers will not be able to contact someone
from the circle of their family etc.

Or imagine an attendee commits a felony, you need to be able to
identify them as well. There are probably countless occasions where
it's simply not enough to identify as "trumpet232" at the registration

I know many people in Debian are a huge fan of high privacy levels,
but there is often actually a valid reason beyond advertisement and
statistics why lists are kept with the name of attendees and people
who demand these high levels of privacy should keep that in mind.

Some requirements are imposed by the law and/or safety requirements,
so you cannot just ignore them, even if you a "digital native".


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