John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote at 01:01 (PDT):
> What happens in case of an emergency then?

Actually, of all the conferences I've been to, DebConf (can't speak for this
year, but can for other years) is one *few* conferences that asks for an
emergency contact name, phone number and email address.  I really appreciate
this!  I travel to Free Software conferences a lot, and if anything bad
every happened to me while traveling, I like to make sure I have my wife's
contact information readily available so that she can be contacted right
away if I'm injured, etc.

The USA has a service for international travelers where you can leave your
emergency contact info with the airline (which I do), but I suspect that
system is hard to utilize.  I also have the emergency contact on my person
at all times as well, but the conference organizers having it means useful

I encourage DebConf to continue collecting emergency contact info for
attendees that want to provide it.

Bradley M. Kuhn

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