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> I recommend for the government officials giving the opening ceremonies
> address part, invite
> 建議請唐鳳開幕致詞。

+ 1 specifically for the fact that she digs into the commons.  Taiwan
could very well be a well-spring for free software and copyleft media,
both of which totally feed off each other.

Add to the fact she's making giant strides for open governance,
something that countries like India and others could look upto.

We could also have our luminaries from @debian-legal or/and have John
Sullivan of FSF have a panel discussion, just thinking aloud.

There is lot she could bring into the conference and hopefully she
will be with us throughout the conference.

If gives the go-ahead maybe you or somebody from
Taiwan could see if she is free within the dates of the conference and
invite her.

Look forward to know what others think of the above.

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