I second Carl's recommendation of looking at GatorCases -- they seem quite
expensive at first but getting something which is professionally
constructed and just turns ready to be fitted with stuff is *super*
valuable. People will say that they can make you something similar for much
cheaper but unless you get *super lucky* it will always take forever and be
a huge hassle. They also look pretty nice (as they are generally onstage
with DJs) so you can have them visible near / on the podium.

You can get pretty nice "rack cases" which are aimed at DJs and such,
things like this -> http://gatorcases.com/g-tour-half-rack-cases/ or
http://gatorcases.com/portable-lightweight-racks/. They generally have
about ~2ru full width and place for a laptop -- something like this ->

You could put a Opsis + Carl's Extron VGA converter + Mic Receiver + little
draw for mDP converters and HDMI cables all in half-width-1RU cases
side-by-side in the rack section and then a capture laptop on top. They can
all be cabled together and ready to go too.

See this for example ->

Tim 'mithro' Ansell

On 13 February 2018 at 08:53, Carl Karsten <c...@nextdayvideo.com> wrote:

> I would suggest putting the Opsis and such in a half rack case - like this
> one:
> http://gatorcases.com/products/racks-portable/half-
> rack-cases/g-tour-rack-half-rack-cases/6u-half-rack-with-
> 8-depth-g-tour-6uhr/
> $220 usd
> 6u =
> Opsis,
> turbot,
> 2 mic receivers,
> 2u draw fro mics and short cables
> http://gatorcases.com/products/rack-accessories/half-rack-accessories/
> rackworks-half-rack-accessories/half-rack-standard-width-2u-drawer-grw-
> halfrkdrw2/
> I have a full sized 4u case that I used once or twice, and I found it
> annoyingly large given I didn't really need that much space.
> ps - my understanding of "front of house" is the spot in the audience area
> where the mixers are.  we can debate what meaning of house and its
> origination, or just try to figure out how to communicate with venue staff.
> On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 4:32 PM, Kyle Robbertze <krobber...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> The video team has been discussing the purchase of audio hardware for
>> some time. During the Paris sprint in 2016 [1], we drew up a list of
>> hardware that we would like to own [2]. Included in this list was audio
>> gear that we currently hire, but would like to own. During DC17, Andy
>> and I broke this list down into three flight-cases and started
>> estimating prices for the equipment we need. We finished this during the
>> Cambridge sprint in 2017 [3] and Andy mocked up images of the
>> front-of-house rack. This rack is the box that will sit at the front of
>> the talk room next to the speaker, which will contain the Opsis/Turbot
>> chassis and microphone receivers.
>> [1] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Videoteam/Sprint1
>> [2]
>> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebConf/Video/VideoTeamDocs/Ne
>> wVideoTeamHardware[3]
>> https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2017/DebConfVideoteamSprint20Nov2017
>> There is a lot of hardware on the list, and I think it best that we buy
>> it in stages, one rack at a time. The easiest to begin with would be the
>> Opsis/Turbot chassis, as we already have much of what is needed. It also
>> contains the Opsis HDMI capture board and the single board PC to run it.
>> Having both items in a single chassis will allow us to treat it as one
>> unit and place it in the front-of-house rack when that is built. The
>> list can be found on the wiki [2] with explanations around each piece
>> listed. I will list only this set equipment with associated costs here.
>> * 1x 1U chassis ($0)
>> * 1x Opsis ($0)
>> * 1x Turbot ($149)
>> * 1x Small PC PSU ($35)
>> * 1x Milkymist IO Expansion board for Opsis ($65) - This is currently
>> non-functional on the Opsis, but work is planned for using it as audio
>> I/O once the Opsis can support audio output over USB
>> * 1x DI Box Stereo, unbalanced -> balanced, TRS -> XLR ($20)
>> * 1x Small SSD (120GB) ($60)
>> * 1x 50cm HDMI cable ($8)
>> * 1x Bulkhead RJ45 coupler ($10)
>> * 1x RJ45 patch cable ($3)
>> TOTAL: $350
>> The USB sockets on the chassis are connected to the Turbot board so that
>> it can be managed directly if needed. The Turbot uses the SSD to store
>> its OS and the sponsor loops, etc. The Turbot's HDMI output is connected
>> to the Opsis input 2.
>> This chassis can be placed at the front of the room and used as an
>> appliance. It is connected to the network, and it can be provisioned
>> using Ansible and PXE, similarly our current setup. It will be easy to
>> integrate into the front-of-house rack when we purchase that because it
>> is a standard 1U form-factor.
>> Another useful box that could be bought at the same time is the sound
>> mixer ($690). This contains the following:
>> * 1x Mixing desk, suggest Behringer X2442USB ($460)
>> * 1x Flight case ($190)
>> * 1x Gooseneck Lamp 12V BNC - LED ($30)
>> TOTAL: $680
>> These prices are based on web searches and are not necessarily the
>> cheapest out there. We will need to adjust them once we find a supplier
>> who can quote us properly.
>> The final rack is the front-of-house rack, which is tricky because the
>> wireless microphone receivers need to be compatible with many different
>> regions and legal requirements. The Shure AD4Q Four-Channel wireless
>> receiver appears to be compatible with all ITU regions, subject to
>> confirmation. The rack includes the following equipment:
>> * 1x Shure AD4Q Four-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver ($6000)
>> * 2x Shure AD1 Bodypack Transmitter with TA4 connector ($1600)
>> * 2x Shure WH20 Headset Mic TA4 connector ($260)
>> * 2x AD2/B58 Handheld Wireless Microphone ($1878)
>> * 2x 1U draw with foam insert (store mics) ($140)
>> * 1x 4U flight case ($220)
>> * 1x 4U Tray ($130)
>> * 1x Opsis / Turbot PC / SSD & PSU in 1U Box (see above list)
>> * 1x Euro 4 way mains block ($15)
>> * 2x Bulkhead RJ45 coupler ($20)
>> * 6x Panel mount XLR Male socket ($12)
>> * 3x Bulkhead HDMI ($54)
>> * 4x Bulkhead BNC  coupler ($16)
>> * 1x Switched IEC Filtered Power Inlet Socket ($10)
>> * 1x Gigabit switch (5 port unmanaged) ($35)
>> * 3x 50cm HDMI cable ($32)
>> * 4x 50cm BNC 50R coax cable ($60)
>> * 5x RJ45 patch cable ($12)
>> * 3x 1m XLR Female to female cable ($18)
>> TOTAL: $8467
>> I suggest that this be purchased separately, as it is a big investment.
>> It probably will mean the end of Logistique Olasd SARL, which will
>> require planning around finding a logistics sponsor or some other way of
>> handling shipping of equipment.

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