we have successfully shipped the Gen1 Cases with DHL. Maybe that would
be an option, if the Gen2 Cases (which are bigger) also fit into their
max size & weight ranges.

It might take some days longer but is a relatively cheap option.
Otherwise I could contact our K&N transport contact and organize a
transport this ways, which would probably also not be that expensive.


Am 11.04.18 um 15:53 schrieb Nicolas Dandrimont:
> * derpeter <deb...@derpeter.net> [2018-04-11 08:07:33 +0200]:
>> On 04/10/2018 08:29 PM, Holger Levsen wrote:
>>> Hi,
>> Hey
>>> adding vi...@lists.ccc.de to recipients and keeping full quote as
>>> context for them:
>>> On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 12:20:11PM -0400, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
>>>> Hey Holger!
>>>> The videoteam decided that we would not be able to buy a new audio kit
>>>> in time for the Hamburg Mini-DC.
>>>> As you already know, our microphones are slowly dying and we are not
>>>> sure they'll be reliable enough to use them in a satisfactory way during
>>>> the conference.
>>>> We would thus need to borrow/rent a microphone kit. Maybe the CCC VOC
>>>> could lend us one?
>>>> We need:
>>>> * 2 x wireless handheld microphones
>>>> * 2 x wireless headset microphones (lapels can work, be we prefer headsets)
>>>> * the wireless receiver to go with the mics
>>>> We have cables and a mixing desk, so we won't need those.
>>> dear VOC, do you have such hardware and could we use it in Hamburg from May 
>>> 16
>>> to May 20, that's the Pfingstwochenende?!?
>> We are in the process of buying another two of
>> https://c3voc.de/wiki/hardware:audiocase which will be ready at that time.
>> As you can see we have to 2 handheld and 1 headset per case you woul
>> either need to take two cases or work with 3 mics.
>> They are located in Berlin so somebody would need to pick them up.
> Hi derpeter,
> .oO(wow, that's cool stuff)
> For the miniconf we can work fine with just 3 microphones, and therefore one
> single case would be okay.
> I'll already be driving with the video hw from Paris and Berlin is a fair bit
> out of the way, so I'd rather not volunteer to pick the case up myself. If
> noone else can do it then I can surely make arrangements.
> Thanks!

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