It's  been a real pleasure to meet you yesterday, thanks for everything!   I 
just wanted to share with you something really  interesting

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All this  depends on what you've used, and what types of delays you've  
experimented with. I've been around the block many times with  this, and I've 
found that, at the end of the day, I've only been  totally  happy since I've 
gotten something that allows  me to program exactly  what kind of filtering I 
want  on the  delays, modulation, diffusion, etc.   Otherwise, it's  always  
been  some weird kind  of tug-of-war with getting the delay to sit  "in the  
mix" just right, and not be intrusive, while still  being heard and enhancing 
the tone. I am seriously ruined on "straight" digital  delays like the 
DD-5--other people sound great with them to me, but I could never digital 
delays without filter  controls  like that to sound  just  right (the  DD-2 
could work though--12-bit  resolution gives it  a nice natural  decay that 
works sort of like filtering).

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