Le 14/04/2018 à 08:56, adri Orjales Vidal a écrit :
Hello, I am blind and I need to use a screen reader so I can use my pc. I am 
tired to use windows, and I wanted to start using Devian, but here I saw that 
the screen reader Orca is kilometers away from NVDA, non visual desktop access, 
wich is a windows screen reader very fast. NVDA is open source, and it is 
developed over python
I think that if you are able to add it in Devian I will be the happiest man in 
the world!!
If it is not possible, please you should update Orca, the screen readers are 
more useful when are low level of system development, so you must change the 
way to make it really useful

Hello adri,

If you're a beginner in the GNU/Linux world, I don't advise you to upgrade Orca and the accessibility stack from stretch-backports as they can be broken. backports of Debian are not as tested as the regular distribution. I've tested it quickly on one my VM and I confirm that it works.

Could you explain us why do you think Orca is far away from NVDA?
I'm using Orca everyday and advanced users of NVDA have switch to Orca and are really happy with it. Orca provides most of the feature NVDA has.

Best regards,

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