Hi Loredana, all,

I deal with mails in full text-mode for years.
I don't use GMail so I can't say anything on that, but for the rest I am
a happy mutt user. I use emacs just to compose the messages, but to deal
with them, including reading them through IMAP or POP I use mutt. The
only disadvantage I see to this is that I have no filters but I had in
the past. At that time I used fetchmail to read the e-mails from the
server and then let them go through procmail, the old way. There are
probably better alternatives to fetchmail todays, it has a bad
reputation. Regarding reading and indexig e-mails mutt is no longer the
state of the art either, I think. You may have a look to the notmuch and
alot tools.

Hope this helps,


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