say this to devin prater. he glorify mac.

Den 9 november 2019 07:58:53 skrev Vojtěch Šmiro <>:


Hypra is great, I have it from May this year and it is super. It isn't
good to fight together what is better than something. Every system is
good for some actions, some is accessible, some is more or less
accessible. Anyway, this is Debian list and here we would solve Debian
problems, not fight what is better or worse. Linux accessibility is in
bad crisis. If we don't become united, linux accessibility will end and
many people, who aren't rich won't have any computer. Anybody can't have
Mac. Mac cannot be legally installed on another computers than Apple

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Dne 08. 11. 19 v 18:15 Jean-Philippe MENGUAL napsal(a):

Assuming that you still work at Hypra, I don't think that it is
acceptable to use your e-mail to promote your work place.

This work place works for Debian. So I dont see the problem. It works
not-paid by Debian for Debian, so my job is a volunteer action for
Debian. Thanks to Hypra, more than 500 new users use Debian. So yes, I
created a project where I tried to fund a fulltime team to improve
Debian, upstream and downstream, accessibility. I mix economical
action and ethical action.

Note that Debian developers can request for a certificate to show they
are dev, there is not reason then to separate artificially 2 areas if
they are so joint.

Clearly, those e-mail should be removed because they fall under spam or
promotional e-mails.

Remove these about Mac and I will remove them. There is no reason to
read "thanks to inform about Mac" and "Please dont talk here about
Debian projects if they are supported by companies".


John Doe

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