On Thu, Sep 08, 2016 at 07:18:08PM +0200, Svante Signell wrote:
> On Wed, 2016-09-07 at 14:14 +0200, Xavier Grave wrote:
> > No, I think you don't need more tests since you have found the
> > conflict source as far as I understand.
> > 
> > I'm very short of time for the month - may be someone on debian-ada
> > can test your patched package ? Can you provide an url to download it
> > please ?
> I don't have a natural url place to put the changes, sorry. The patches
> were attached to my first posting in this thread and time is running
> out until the package is removed. The patches are also available in bug
> #835966.

How is this going?

I'm eager to remove gcc-4.9 and gnat-4.9.
I could get them forcefully removed, but given that there has been
interested in this bug I suppose that would be too rude.

If nobody is interested in doing more test of those paches, it looks
like they work as expected nonetheless, don't they?  (I might have
misread some message).  If that's the case, what uploading them even
without any proper ack from debian-ada@?

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