Source: apr-util
Version: 1.6.1-1
Severity: serious
Block 888751 by -1

Hello, before uploading new gdbm in unstable, I tested all the 
reverse-dependencies, except for the packages
that were already broken/not building.

This sounds to be the case for this one, and now I don't know how to debug this 

(tail of failing testsuite)
-Line 50: Crypto driver 'commoncrypto' DSO could not be opened
testldap            : SUCCESS
testdbd             : SUCCESS
testdate            : SUCCESS
testmemcache        : -Error 111 occurred attempting to reach memcached on 
localhost:11211.  Skipping apr_memcache tests...
testredis           : -Error 111 occurred attempting to reach Redis on 
localhost:6379.  Skipping apr_redis tests...
testxml             : SUCCESS
testxlate           : SUCCESS
testrmm             : SUCCESS
testdbm             : -Line 155: expected <0>, but saw <20014>
FAILED 1 of 3
testqueue           : SUCCESS
testreslist         : SUCCESS
testsiphash         : SUCCESS
Failed Tests            Total   Fail    Failed %
testdbm                     3      1     33.33%
Programs failed: testall

apr-util seems now part of apr, I don't know why/if this package is still 

BTW the build failure can be solved by uncommenting
".PHONY: build" on debian/rules

thanks for helping in finding a fix!


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