Side question: given this armel CPU is EoL and rather low power, what useful 
tasks can this NAS perform?

El 2017-08-04, a las 19:46, Philippe Clérié escribió:

> On 07/30/2017 02:46 PM, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>> * <> [2017-07-29 12:29]:
>>> I just installed Debian on a Qnap Ts-109 II. I followed these
>>> isntructions , but now the Status LED is flashing red and green, and
>>> the LAN LED is off. The NAS appears to be working, though.
>>> Unlike my previous attempt in September 2016, it doesn't beep
>>> anymore to complain about an absent fan failing.
>> On some of the Orion-based devices (like the TS-109 II), qcontrol
>> doesn't seem to work at all anymore.  I didn't find time to
>> investigate that.
>> So I'm wondering if that's what you're seeing.
>> (It doesn't explain the LAN LED because iirc that's hooked up
>> directly.)
> My HS-210 has been flashing Red/Green for what seems like forever. The few 
> times a reboot happens, I don't hear any beeps.
> qcontrol has been out of control for a while... :-)
> But everything else work, and it's in a dark room where I don't have to see 
> the flashing. So....
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