On Sat, 2018-08-11 at 20:14 +1200, Richard Hector wrote:
> Hi - I hope I'm in the right place; feel free to redirect me.
> I want to install on a KVM-based VPS, using an ordinary installer (ie
> not using the image provided).
> I used the provider's method to provide an ISO, and supplied the
> standard amd64 netinst image - it boots fine, but can't find the 'cdrom'
> afterwards. They suggest the netinst image doesn't have the drivers for
> the KVM virtual cdrom - does that sound right? Are there alternative
> images that would?

I think you are confusing netinst with netboot.

A netboot installer image is an initramfs with input, graphics and
network drivers included, but not storage drivers.  It downloads
additional installer components from the network, not from local

A netinst installer image is a disk image.  It includes one or more
boot loaders, kernels, and initramfses; and additional installer
components.  The initramfs additionally includes storage drivers.

If the netboot method doesn't work for you (maybe network auto-
configuration doesn't work properly in this VPS?) you could try
extracting the kernel (vmlinuz) and initramfs (initrd.img) from the
netinst installer image and providing those instead of the netboot


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