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> Hello,
> Here are some answers. Feel free to (re)organize them in a wiki page
> under the DebianInstaller namespace. :)
> Holger Wansing <hwans...@mailbox.org> (2018-08-10):
> > Yes, and I didn't read anything about that in the several
> > packaging/uploading docu. So that's mostly best practice, but no
> > strict packaging rule or the like?
> > 
> > Also, I don't know anything about tagging.  So, I need to know
> > something more about this tagging:
> > 
> > When do we use it?
> > Just for every new uploaded version, as it seems...
> > More circumstances, where to set tags?
> I think most if not all packaging teams create tags when they upload a
> given revision of a source package; this even existed prior to git! :)
> This makes it possible to identify what revision of source code was
> (probably, no absolute guarantee) used to create a given package,
> which limits the need for downloading entire history of source
> packages using debsnap and friends.
> > Which tags do we use? The lightweighted or the annotated ones?
> > Looking at the existing tags, it seems that's annotated ones, but
> > without GPG signatur. Right?
> I tend to use this when releasing:
>   git commit -am 'releasing version $copied_from_changelog'
>   git tag -sm 'tagging version $copied_from_changelog' 
> $copied_possibly_adapted_from_changelog

Ok, understood.
And done.


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