Wouter Wijsman <sharkwou...@gmail.com> (2019-08-11):
> Lately I've been playing with creating my own Debian ISO files with
> some drivers in them. In doing so I have found an issue with the
> installer which is causing me some problems.
> When I use the pkgsel line in my default.preseed file to install
> either the package nvidia-driver or broadcom-sta-dkms, the screen will
> go black directly after the installer installed one of these packages.
> It will not go back to normal, even after waiting over for 10 minutes
> and constantly moving the mouse and pressing buttons on the keyboard,
> but the installer itself doesn't crash.  If the default.preseed file
> automates every step after installing one or both of these packages,
> the installation will finish without other issues, even with the black
> screen.
> When I don't have the nvidia-driver or broadcom-sta-dkms package in my
> default.preseed, I do not experience this issue. I have tested this on
> an Alienware Steam Machine, a Zotac ZBOX-CI323NANO (which has intel
> graphics) and in Virtualbox and I'm seeing this issue on all of them.
> I think this is related to dkms being triggered, as I haven't seen
> this issue being caused by other packages so far. I hope this can be
> resolved without having to rebuild these packages to not do so.

While I understand why that must be not fun, I'm not sure I'd call that
a bug in the installer… You might need to take some extra step in some
preseed command to ensure DKMS doesn't kick in while you're installing
those packages, if that triggers such issues during the installation.

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