Quoting Cyril Brulebois (2019-08-15 16:44:05)
> > Version 2.29.2-3 was released more than two years ago. It was brought up on
> > debian-devel here:
> > 
> > https://lists.debian.org/20170726081846.ga22...@fatal.se
> Well, debian-devel@ isn't where one files bug reports against packages that
> suddenly need a dependency?

I was not trying to justify or excuse the omission of the src:util-linux
maintainers. I can only imagine that os-prober somehow slipped through the
cracks when the src:util-linux maintainers filed bugs against all packages that
need the mount utilities during the buster release cycle.

I agree that the situation now is unfortunate but I only reported this problem
once I stumbled across it. I was not involved in the decision two years ago.


cheers, josch

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