Nishanth Aravamudan <naravamu...@digitalocean.com> (2019-08-14):
> We are able to reproduce this issue at will in Ubuntu Bionic's
> installer (not identical to Debian's, but code-wise in this path the
> same).  While quite a while after the last update from Philipp, we
> tested the patch (netcfg_dhcp_domain.patch) after updating it to avoid
> a compilation issue, we found it did fix the problem for us.
> I am not sure if I can get Debian into our infrastructure to test
> explicitly, but I will work on it; at the same time,  the code change
> seems straightforward.

Thanks for your feedback. Care to share the fixed version? :)

I'm a little reluctant to blindly merging this patch (originally
labeled “untested”) without a go from its author. Philipp, should
I go ahead?

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